Despite plans falling through, my birthday weekend went well. called my parents and my grandparents. I got my birthday money fine. It had been a hassle to walk my parents though using online services in previous years, so that is quite nice. 

I made a white cake from scratch. J iced it with chocolate icing & I served it with ice cream. It turned out a bit dense, but still good. This is better then my last cake, so i count it as a win. I didn't cream the butter and sugar long enough. But it is still tasty. 

In the mail, we got two coupons for a free pizza. Apparently when they are late, they will send you a coupon later. So i was pleasantly surprised. J and I caught up on the current season of Dr. Who. I love Bill and the finale gave us both Bill feels. We both love Capaldi and don't really want to see him go. 

I got laundry done on the weekend, including the bottom sheet. I just need to do towels now. I also need to restring the clothing line with new string. The longer line broke so i only had the short one to dry on. Luckily it is hot as heck, so everything dried quick. I also got the grocery shopping done. Now I just need to make tomato sauce for pasta later. And I have a new soup recipe to try later this week. 

 I feel the exhaustion weighing upon me, upon us. Heavy but invisible, like the pressure of an incoming storm. 

Most walk by never noticing it, wondering at us who lie on the ground, pushed down by the pressure of life. 

Some stare and ask why we are just lying there when we could be getting work done. Others simply walk by, and step over us, willfully unseeing. 

Some stop and crouch down to offer what help they can, before they have to be on their way. A precious few sit beside us, offering kind words. 

They help to gather all us prone together. We weary ones, gather together and try to help each other.

The ones who are now standing but who are stained with the marks of the ground look with sympathy and empathy. They nudge help towards us and wait for us to take it. 

But you alone, must open your hands, grasp the helpful crutch and stand. 

Notes: This poem demanded to be written during the last 20 minutes of my lunch hour. Why does my brain do that? I hope you enjoy. 

 Happy Memorial day for my fellow US people. My thanks go out to all who have served and sacrificed their lives in service. 

For anyone interested in the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day in the US, I found this article from Washington Post. It is clear and includes some history of the holidays.



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